Section 73

S73 Minor material amendments to First Development Site and Plot 18

The Section 73 applications for minor material amendments to the detailed planning consent for the sites known as the First Development Site (FDS) and Plot 18 can be summarised as follows:

First Development Site: 

  • A revised mix of residential units and tenures

  • Alterations to some external elevations

  • Removal of the approved Gas Pressure Reduction System

  • Provision of 12 additional homes through three townhouses and nine apartments

  • Minor alterations to landscape layouts

Plot 18:

  • A revised mix of residential units and tenures within Blocks 1 and 3 (of the North Block)

  • Alterations to external façade of Block 3 (of the North Block)

The Section 73 proposes to deliver more affordable homes in the FDS to help with rehousing. Some of the private homes in the originally approved scheme for the FDS will be replaced with affordable homes and the private homes will be rebalanced in subsequent delivery phases.

The tenure changes proposed to the FDS and Plot 18 will not result in a reduction of affordable housing. The combined affordable housing provision across these two sites would increase from 51% to 60% (habitable rooms) as a result of the proposed amendments.

Each application is submitted with several supporting documents. However as these are only minor amendments, these documents consist mainly of drawings. These applications should therefore be read alongside the application documents for the FDS and Plot 18 to give them context.

*Some of these planning documents are very large and may take a while to download. Please be patient.


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