New homes

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Notting Hill Genesis is building around 3,500 new homes on the estate and the first development site will deliver 830 of these homes. Half of these homes will be for target rent and shared ownership or shared equity.

L&Q has previously built new homes as part of the regeneration at Burgess Terrace near Westmoreland Road and now has new homes at Harvard Gardens along East Street. A collection of private sale and shared ownership homes are available.

If you're currently an Aylesbury estate resident you'll continue to live in your home with Southwark Council as your landlord until your block is being prepared for demolition. You'll then be able to move straight into new homes built by Notting Hill Genesis as they are completed. In the initial phases we expect demand will exceed supply of the new homes and the majority of Aylesbury residents in these early stages will move to new homes in the surrounding area or further afield if they choose to.

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