The partnership


Notting Hill Genesis and Southwark Council are committed to the Aylesbury regeneration and to a shared vision that will see the area become a vibrant part of the Walworth neighbourhood.

The role of Notting Hill Genesis

We're developing the homes and open spaces in the new neighbourhoods. In the longer term, as new housing is built to replace the existing blocks, housing and area management will be the responsibility of Notting Hill Genesis.

The role of the Council

The council currently manages all of the properties and the land on the estate and we will continue to maintain those properties to be warm, dry and safe, as well as ensuring the Aylesbury remains a safe and secure environment in which to live. 

Throughout the regeneration we will also be working closely with current residents in order to rehouse all existing tenants and to acquire the leasehold and freehold of all non-Council owned properties in the development area.

The role of Creation Trust
Creation Trust is a charity dedicated to making sure that residents living on the Aylesbury estate receive the benefits of the regeneration, are supported and represented through the process. Our team is working closely with Notting Hill Genesis, Southwark Council and local groups to ensure that the regeneration benefits the community. We're governed by a Board of Trustees of whom half are resident. This means that local people have real influence over the decisions that are being made about the area and the priorities of the Trust's work.

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This vision includes:

  • Homes that have a range of tenure and ownership options which are attractive and affordable for local residents and new people moving to the area
  • A mixed community including families, elderly and vulnerable people
  • Excellent schools, improved transport, community facilities and new businesses
  • High quality architecture and public open spaces.
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