Residents Survey Report

An important part of the regeneration is to capture the views and experiences of Aylesbury residents as the project progresses.

In 2014 we commissioned social enterprise research company, Social Life, to carry out a piece of research that would give a snapshot in time of the lives of people living on the Aylesbury estate. A report was published in 2017 which set out the results of those surveys and how we were using the findings to shape the regeneration from influencing design to creating community projects.

In 2020, we commissioned Social Life to carry out another piece of research to get an update of residents’ experiences of living on the Aylesbury Estate and of the regeneration. This captured any changes that may have taken place since the original piece of research was carried out and gave an insight into the experience of residents living through the challenges of the pandemic.

Below you can download and read the full and summary reports from both 2017 and 2022.

Living on the Aylesbury – 2015

Measuring the social impacts of regeneration – 2022

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