Planning information

(Planning Information)

On 23 April 2015, Southwark Planning Committee resolved to grant planning permission on both the detailed application for the First Development Site and the outline application for the Masterplan for the Aylesbury regeneration.

Plot 18 planning application
Notting Hill Genesis has now submitted a Reserved Matters Application for Plot 18, also known as Phase 2a in the outline planning permission. The proposals have been developed in accordance with the adopted Aylesbury Area Action Plan, the Aylesbury master plan proposals and relevant planning policies.

How will I be informed?
The Council will send you a letter notifying you that the planning application has been submitted and tell you the case reference number. The Council will also place a notification in the local press (e.g. Southwark News) and there will be notices posted on the estate. These notifications will tell you the start and end dates for the planning consultation period.

During the consultation period, which will last at least 21 days, the planning application documents will also be on public view locally. The letter will inform you where this will be.

You can view the Plot 18 planning application here.

Further information about the planning process can be found in this leaflet.


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