The Aylesbury regeneration will happen in four phases. The maps on these pages will help you identify when the regeneration will affect you and will help you keep track of when new homes are being built in your neighbourhood.

L&Q has already built 261 new homes on what was known as site 1a in the AAAP to the west of Bradenham Close and overlooking Burgess Park. They have also built 147 homes on site 7 to the north of the remaining Wolverton block just east of Thurlow Street.

First Development Site

The first development site, also known as site 1b/c, includes all the Bradenham, Arklow, Chartridge and Chiltern blocks between Bradenham Close and Portland Street. Pre-demoltion works on the empty blocks started in the summer of 2015 and over 800 new homes will be built. The First Development Site is split into three packages: A, B and C.

Phase 2

The first stage of Phase 2 (2A), also known as Plot 18, includes 300-313 Missenden, 57-76 Northchurch and the space to the south of Taplow.
The second stage of Phase 2 includes all the Wendover, Wolverton, Winslow, Padbury, Ravenstone and Foxcote blocks as well as Brockley House. Demolition of the blocks on Plot 18 started in 2017 and over 1,000 new homes will be built across this phase.

Phase 3

Phase 3 includes all Taplow and Northchurch blocks to the west of Thurlow Street as well as 184 and 218 East Street. This is a later phase of the regeneration and so firm timescales are not currently available.

Phase 4

Phase 4 includes all the Missenden, Michael Faraday, Gayhurst, Gaitskell, Latimer, Calverton, Danesfield and Emberton blocks. It also includes Chadwell House, Lees House, Soane House, Dorwell House and 51-67 Inville Road. This is a later phase of the regeneration and so firm timescales are not currently available.

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