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(Terms & conditions)

We aim to make your visit to the Aylesbury Now website as convenient and efficient as possible. Just as we promise to offer a reliable standard of service and treat your information respectfully and in accordance with the law (see our Privacy & cookies), we count on you to follow some general rules of thumb during your visit.

By accessing the Aylesbury Now website, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions described on this page. These terms apply to the entire contents of www.aylesburynow.london. Please read them carefully, as your continued use of this website indicates that you accept these terms in full.

Who are we?

Aylesbury Now is the name of the regeneration project between Notting Hill Genesis and Southwark Council. Where we refer to ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ in these terms and conditions, this refers to the groups involved in the regeneration. We are the owner of www.aylesburynow.london and these terms apply to the entire contents of this website.

Read more about us and see our full company registration details here.

Accuracy of information

On the Aylesbury Now website, you’ll find a range of details relating to the regeneration project. We make every effort to keep our website content up to date and accurate; however we cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the material. If you notice that something is incorrect or misleading, please let us know.


We welcome comments and discussion. However, the decision to publish these on this site remains at our discretion. We have the right to delete inappropriate or abusive content, suspend comments at any time, and remove older comments. (Please see our guidelines below.) Comments are checked first by moderators during normal working hours before they are published. (Please note that there may sometimes there may be a delay in publishing your comment as we are a small team.)

We will normally publish comments as long as they are on-topic and appropriate.

We will not publish comments which: are malicious or offensive in nature, or constitute a personal attack on a person’s character; include swearing, hate-speech or obscenity; incite hatred on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality or sexuality or any other personal characteristic; reveal personal details; are duplicated or constitute spamming of the site; impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or organisation; are purely party-political in nature; break the law (including libel, copyright, data protection etc) or condone illegal activity; advertise commercial products or services; are in a language other than English (unfortunately, we do not have the resource to moderate comments in other languages); or are posted by someone aged 16 or under without their parent/guardian’s consent. Where we choose not to publish a comment for a reason other than those listed, we will email the commenter (if an email address is provided) explaining why.

Comments posted are the sole opinion and responsibility of the individual user, and are not endorsed by us.


We make every effort to keep the links on our website relevant, current and appropriate. There are times we may link to third party websites for reference or to share extra information with you. However we are not responsible or liable for any part of these external websites, including their content, nor do we endorse them. This is also true for third party websites that link to us.

We welcome links to our website, www.aylesburynow.london, provided that they open in a full browser window and that no part of the site is obscured. We ask that you notify us if you are linking to our website by emailing aylesbury@nhg.org.uk and that you immediately stop providing such links if we ask you to do so.

(Terms & conditions)

Email communications

Email communications (including any attachments) from Aylesbury Now or Notting Hill Genesis and our staff may contain confidential information and are intended only for the individual(s) named. Distribution, use or reproduction without the sender's prior consent is strictly prohibited. Any views expressed in email messages are those of the individual sender, except where the sender specifically states them to be the views of Aylesbury Now or Notting Hill Genesis. If you have received an email in error, please contact Aylesbury Now or Notting Hill Genesis immediately and permanently delete it.

If information or emails submitted on the website are erased, lost, modified or displayed incorrectly, Aylesbury Now will not be held liable.

Copyright Notice

All graphics, images and editorial content you find on this website is property of Notting Hill Genesis and its partners, all rights reserved under UK and international copyright protection laws.

We allow you to access this website on the condition that you do not copy, edit, adapt, reproduce, commercially exploit, download, distribute, translate, modify, bundle or merge any website pages, content on the website or computer codes of website elements, without our prior written consent.

You may download, copy and print information from this website for personal use only.

Privacy and security

We will treat all personal information that you provide through the online contact form on our website fairly and lawfully, which is your name, address, email address and contact telephone number. While we make every effort to keep our systems highly secure, free from viruses and other damaging components, and in line with industry standards, we accept no liability for damage to any computers or equipment that arise as a result of using our website. For further information, please read our Privacy & cookies.

Website service

We do our best to ensure that the Aylesbury Now website is accessible at all times. However, we shall not be held liable if access is disrupted and the website is unavailable for any period of time. There are times where we may need to carry out essential maintenance, in which case we’ll aim to provide advance notice when possible.

Changes to these terms and conditions

Notting Hill Genesis and its partners are always looking for ways to improve this website. We may revise or update these terms and conditions from time to time to reflect changes in the law, our services or the website, so please do check back regularly. Any updated terms or conditions are binding once posted here. 

More information

For more information about these terms and conditions, or to provide relevant feedback, please email us at aylesbury@nhg.org.uk 

Last updated: April 2018

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