Glossary of terms

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 The action plan for the regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate (including the Development Area) adopted by the Council on 27 January 2010.

Active Phases

Relevant live re-housing phase. A block or group of blocks that are part of the regeneration scheme and re-housing has started (i.e. tenants have been placed in Band 1 and are able to bid and negotiations have started with leaseholders).

Affordable Residential Units

The total number of the Target Rent residential homes and the Intermediate (Shared Ownership) residential homes.


Paid employment and associated benefits whilst completing a qualification, including supervision and line management from the employer organisation with support from human resources, with a minimum duration of one year, achieving an Intermediate, Advanced or Higher Level apprenticeship (equivalent to NVQ Level 2 to Foundation Degree/Diploma).

Assured Shorthold Tenancy

Form of assured tenancy with limited security of tenure introduced by the Housing Act 1988.

Aylesbury Estate

The Aylesbury Estate as described and defined in the AAP.

Band 1

The highest priority group of households registered on the Council's housing list

Commercial Unit

A unit of accommodation forming part of the completed Development Works intended for letting other than as a residential homes or as Council Works.

Community Connector

A member of the Notting Hill Genesis team with responsibility for supporting the roll out of the economic and community wellbeing programme, as well as providing resident support services throughout the project.


Any compulsory purchase order to be made by Southwark Council to acquire the outstanding interests and/or Third Party Interests in the Development Area.

District Heating System

The district heating system currently installed in the Development Area for the benefit of the Aylesbury Estate.

Extra Care

Extra Care is a form of supported housing which offers flexibility in meeting the care, support and housing needs of older people.

First Development Site

The first plots of the regeneration to be redeveloped which include the Bardenham and Chiltern blocks and everything in between.

Habitable Rooms

Means all rooms with at least one window which are rooms a) capable of use for sleeping or living or dining (but excluding kitchens save where (b) applies; or b) a kitchen with an overall floor area of not less than 11m2 Internal Area. Habitable rooms exclude toilets, bathrooms, landings, halls and lobbies.

Interim Uses

Temporary uses for parts of the Development Area once buildings are empty or demolished.

Intermediate Residential homes

Homes offered for Shared Equity, Shared Ownership or other low cost home ownership products.

Term / Definition

Learning Disabilities Facility

A building which provides fit-for-purpose housing designed to allow full disability access and to meet the requirements of those with highly complex needs, challenging behaviour and autism. The facility includes staff support spaces.

London Living Wage

The most recently identified London Living Wage hourly figure (or equivalent set figure(s)) published from time to time by the Greater London Authority or any successor body with responsibility for setting this figure.


Three dimensional images and text that forms part of the planning application and describes how the area will be developed.

New School Aylesbury

The school located on the corner of Trafalgar Street and Dawes Street; it currently has the following address: Trafalgar Street, SE17 2TP.

Permanent Assured Tenancy

A secure life-time tenancy with established rights, such as right to repairs. See link - association-homes/types-of-tenancy

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Repair, upgrade and improvement works carried out by Southwark Council to its existing housing stock. These works are designed to maintain a certain standard of housing for residents and are defined to meet specific building service-life periods.

Planning Permission

Planning permission for the development granted by the local planning authority following submission of a Planning Application by Notting Hill Genesis.

Private Rental

The letting of homes on short term tenancies of no greater than ten years on the open market for private residential purposes excluding any Affordable Residential homes.

Private Residential Units

Any Residential homes that are not Affordable Residential Units.

Public Realm

All the areas, within the Development Area, which are accessible to the public; these include highways, public squares and public open spaces.

Registered Provider

Any Social Landlord registered with the HCA.

Shared Equity

Residential homes offered to existing Aylesbury Estate long leaseholders on a shared equity basis with no rent payable on the portion of the equity retained by the Registered Provider.

Shared Ownership

Residential homes offered to existing Aylesbury long leaseholders on a shared ownership basis where a portion of the property can be bought and the occupier pays rent on the remainder of the value.

Target Rents

The "target rents" set by reference to the formula provided by or on behalf of the Government of England and Wales.

Temporary Accommodation

Homes used to temporarily house households to whom a duty for re-housing has been accepted by the Council under Part VII of the Housing Act 1996 as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002.


A paid on-site work placement whilst completing a qualification with support from a qualified training and employment advisor, minimum duration of six months, achieving a NVQ level 2/3 trade qualification.

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