Schoolchildren create mural which celebrates community

Schoolchildren create mural which celebrates community Picture 1
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Pupils from Surrey Square Primary School have created a mural celebrating their community.

The artwork has been created as part of the Aylesbury regeneration and is now displayed on the development hoarding of the site, known as Plot 18, in Dawes Street.

Twelve budding artists at the school were challenged to work together to think of a design that represented what ‘community’ meant to them. They then translated this design onto 30 large boards to create a mural over 36 metres in length.

The project was a collaboration between Notting Hill Genesis, who are working in partnership with Southwark Council on the regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate, and Surrey Square Primary School. 

Chris Cotton, Community Connector for Young People at Notting Hill Genesis said, “The mural was a fantastic opportunity to work with the students from Surrey Square Primary School. They have created a piece of artwork which means something special to them and it’s great to see it take pride of place on the hoarding for the Aylesbury regeneration.

“This project is just one of many opportunities I’ve had to work with local schools as a result of the regeneration. It’s always inspiring to work with young people and see their ideas come to life.”

He added, “We are also grateful to our demolition contractors, Erith, who mounted the mural onto the hoarding and gave goody bags to the pupils.”

Alongside the mural, graphics on the hoardings celebrate forthcoming facilities which will be provided on the Plot 18 regeneration site, such as a new health centre and library.

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