Help out by getting healthy

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The team at Notting Hill Genesis have been getting their sports kits on to support local charity, Burgess Sports, and we are encouraging residents to get involved too - for free!

Burgess Sports are asking people to take part in a walk or run to help raise money for their

‘Fit and Fed’ programme. The funds raised will go towards providing healthy meals for children

and families. Your walk or run can take place anywhere and at any time so it’s really easy to take part and you will receive a medal to celebrate your achievement.

So if you’re a keen walker or runner and want to support an important cause, or maybe you just need a good excuse to get fit over the Christmas period, why not sign up? You could even challenge your friends and family!


It costs £10 for adults or £6 for children to take part (visit but if you are an Aylesbury resident, we have a limited number of places available for free. Contact Chris Cotton on 07775 411209 or email

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