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A local community organisation is running workshops aimed at supporting people over the age of 60 to feel more confident using their tablet and smart phones devices.

The workshops, named 'Know Your Tablet', are being run by ARTIC (Art In Communities) and will give you the opportunity to find out what you can do with your smart phone or tablet and learn the skills you need to use them with confidence. For example, you can learn how to use Zoom and how to send attachments which will help you to keep in touch with family and friends. The classes are small so there is plenty of time to learn, practise and ask those nagging questions.

Gil Mutch of ARTIC says: "I think these sessions are achieving all we hoped for - participants can simply mention their perceived difficulties and we sort it!"

The sessions are open to all Southwark residents over the age of 60 and it doesn’t matter what brand of smart phone or tablet you have. The classes will run every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm and will take place in the Crypt at St Peter’s Church (subject to change depending on COVID-19 government guidelines).

The project is being run by ARTIC and is funded by an Aylesbury Community Grant awarded by Notting Hill Genesis.

To find out more, call Gil Mutch on 0207 703 5477.

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