Celebrating our community heroes

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We've heard and talked a lot about 'our heroes' over recent weeks and months.

However, before any of us had even heard of coronavirus (COVID-19), we had been working on an idea to celebrate our Aylesbury community heroes. We wanted to recognise residents who have delivered projects to benefit the local community and those who have been closely involved in the regeneration.

Dorrett Wilson, Senior Project Manager for the First Development Site suggested using the site hoarding on Westmoreland Road as an area to display some artwork around this theme.

We invited our ‘community heroes’ to have their photos taken and spoke to them about their work in the local community and experiences living in the Aylesbury neighbourhood. Our design agency then drew silhouettes of the photos and produced some striking artwork which has now been installed on the hoarding.

One resident who is featured on the artwork is Omobolaji Raimi. Talking about his involvement, he said, “As an Aylesbury resident, it was a great opportunity for me to take part in the project. I like the design of the silhouettes on the hoardings because it gives a new look to the First Development Site despite the fact that the new homes are still under construction. I feel excited because this is the new home Aylesbury residents will move into next year when it’s finally completed. I think people passing by the hoarding will be interested to read about the support Notting Hill Genesis has offered in shaping the lives of many Aylesbury residents within the community.”

You can see the artwork by walking alongside Westmoreland Road. But if you are not able to do that at the moment, you can view it here. We hope that you enjoy meeting our community heroes as much as we have enjoyed getting to know them!

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