Resident Feedback Groups

Resident Liaison Group

Resident Liaison Groups for demolition and construction

Resident Liaison Groups (RLG) will act to represent residents, stakeholders and local groups within the neighbourhood surrounding an area during the demolition and construction phases of the site’s redevelopment.

The group will act to ensure that local interests are considered and that any negative impact on the local area from demolition and construction is managed and mitigated as best as possible.

The RLG for each site will:

  • provide a means of reporting any relevant issues affecting the local area caused by the demolition and construction works on site.
  • provide a means of disseminating information from Notting Hill Genesis and their contractors to local residents, community groups and businesses.
  • ensure that Notting Hill Genesis and their contractors are responsive to feedback and complaints, and that any problems with contractors’ conduct or environmental management (e.g. noise, traffic management, road cleaning) are addressed appropriately.
  • make recommendations to Notting Hill Genesis and their contractors on how they can improve their management of demolition and construction work as it relates to the surrounding neighbourhood.

For more information please contact Lorraine Gilbert on 020 3815 0144 or

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