Walk and talks

Walk and talks gave local residents an opportunity to guide members of the design team and Notting Hill Housing around the regeneration area to assess and comment on a variety of outdoor spaces in and around the estate. Individual maps were used to collect ideas, as well as issues and concerns relating to play areas, green spaces, community gardens, outdoor gyms and landscaping.

The Walk and Talks were advertised in newsletters and publicity material distributed to residents and businesses within the consultation boundary and in other key locations. The route presented examples of community gardens, outdoor gyms, natural planting, children’s play areas, allotments, public and private green areas and squares.

Participants noted the elements that worked in these spaces, highlighted the negatives they observed and noted any other comments on individual comment maps. The walks ended with a short summary session and refreshments at Inspire at St. Peters.

Dates, locations and times

Aylesbury outdoor gym

  • Thursday 12 June 2014, 6.00 - 8pm
  • Saturday 14 June 2014, 10am - 12pm

5 local people took part in the two walk & talks.

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