Designing a new public square

We really want to hear your ideas for shaping the design of the new public square and surrounding community buildings that will sit in the heart of the new neighbourhood.

On Saturday 7 March the design team, including architects and representatives from the Council and Notting Hill Housing met with residents to discuss what makes great public spaces, community facilities and housing for residents over the age of 55.

We had some interesting conversations, but we want to hear from more of you about what you would like to see happening in a new square next to Thurlow street that will be surrounded by buildings housing the new health centre and early years facility.

Dates, locations and times

Southwark Resource Centre, Bradenham Close SE17 2QB

  • Saturday 7 March 2015, 11am - 2pm

For more information please telephone 020 8357 4866 or
email us

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